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Computer Basics

Students in any class should be asked the following questions and assigned tutorial activities for any indications of lack of skill or understanding.

Folders (Do you know. . .)

What a folder is?
How to create a folder in Windows?
How to move between folders?
How to see what is inside a folder?

Files (documents) (Do you know. . .)

What a file is?
How a file is created?
How a file is saved?
How to delete, copy, and move files in Windows?

Windows (Do you know. . .)

What Windows is?
How to use a computer mouse?
What the desktop is?
How to launch applications in Windows?
What Windows Explorer is?
How to create folders in Windows Explorer?
How to view folders in Windows Explorer?
How to copy, delete, and move files in Windows Explorer?
How to open several applications at the same time?
How to switch between open applications?
How to minimize, restore, and resize windows?
How to cut, copy and paste from the menus and toolbar?
How to cut, copy, and paste in dialog boxes?

Microsoft Word for Windows (Do you know. . .)

How to save and open documents?
How to change character fonts (including weights, sizes, and symbols)?
How to create and edit headers and footers?
How to paginate (including placing the page number in different locations)?
How to insert a Word table and modify it?
How to format paragraphs?
How to print a document?
How to use, set up, and modify document templates?
How to find and replace character strings in a document?
How to cut, copy, and paste in a document?

On-line help (Do you know. . .)

How to use the on-line help provided with an application?

E-mail and Internet (Do you know. . .)

How to establish and organise favourite internet locations?
How to use Internet search engines to find materials and locations?
How to create, send, and read a message?
How to attach a file to a message?
How to forward and reply to messages?
How to create an address book?
How to backup correspondence and addresses?
How to print a message?
How to delete a message?