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A Tree Does not Grow Under a Large Tree

Growing demand for and commodification of education encourage educational institutions to embark on development and delivery of courses through the distance mode. Thus the ODL Program is planted under the existing large singlemode face to face teaching and learning institution. The ODL program remains a step brother of the institution and find diffiulties to grow and serve its purpose.

Creation of Dual Mode Institution

The instituion that conducts teaching and learning both face to face and distance is known as dual mode nstitution. Dual mode instititutions are created from a single mode face to face teaching and learning institution and other way round. The purpose the creation of dual mode institutions are:

  • to respond to a national cause to increase excess to education;*
  • to create a new image;*
  • to create a source of income.*

Management of Dual Mode Institution

The Dual Mode Institution initiates teaching and learning by:

  1. creating a unit within the Institution without any changes of organisational structure and governance;
  2. assigned responsibility of developing and delivering programs to the existing schools/faculties;
  3. shared responsibility between the existing academic units and a new unit to provide logistic support.

Major difficulties encountered

  • Lack of planning force the institution to follow incremental development
  • Academics and Administrators failed to accept the new paradigm.
  • Decision makingprocess failed to consider the unique needs of the distance learning.
  • Staff conside ODL as an extra burden on them.
  • Distance learning becomes a cash cow.