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Introducing Me

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Hello there

About Me

My name is Abdul Mannan but the village people where I born call me Joy. I do not believe in statusquo. I love to think strategically, set agenda and drive for it. My professional experience and expertise includes: Planning, Project Management, Higher Education, Teacher Education, ODL Management, Rural Development, Entrepreneureship development. I love to teach and faciltate learning and workshop.

My Community

I born in a small viallge call Pepaia Kandi in the district of Comilla, Bangladesh but brought up both in my district town and Dhaka-the Capital City of Bangladesh. I also belong to another community- University of Papua New Guinea in Port Moresby, Papua New Guina where I lived for about 20 years. My excitement of both communities is the simplicity of people and their fellow feeling but the negative one is the selfishness and corruption. Both communities need education, shlter and health services which is a common feature of developing countries.

My Technical Skills

I am computer literate and not an expert. I have working experience in word, excell, access, SPSS, MYOB, etc. I have working skills for wiki and web2. After attending the Wkieducator course, I shall be able to train other people

My Work


I am the Foundation Executive Director of the University of Papua New Guinea Open College. The goals of the Open College is to promote open and distance learning in Papua New Guinea and the Pacific and increase access to education and information through development and delivery of courses through the distance mode towards the development of a knowledge society. Open College is the leading institution in PNG that won two Commomwealth of Learning Award on Excellence in Course Materials (2004)and Institutional Achievements (2008). In addition, I have been involved at national level for the promotion and development of ODL in PNG as the Chairman of the Distance Education and Flexible Learning Committee and President of the Papua New Guinea Association for Distance Education. Some of my achievements in Bangladesh are: establishment of Bangladesh Project Management Institute, Foundation Director of the Women Entrepreneureship Development Program, establishment of an NGO for rural development. Some of my outstanding achievements are:

  • establishment of the UPNG Open College
  • revitlising the Papua New Guinea Association for Distance Education
  • popularising the open and distance learning in Papua New Guinea.
  • establishment of the Bangladesh Project Management Institute
  • establishment of the Women Entrepreneureship Program in Bangladesh


The technolgy and resources will create a profound impact not only to my community but the nation as a whole. The technolgy will enable to reach the geographically dispersed population. The community will be able to collaborate to develop learning resources and/or access to learning resources for learning and meaningful contribution to the development of community and the nation. I shall share my skills with staff of the Open College and the UPNG staff. Subsequently, we shall share skills with other academic institutions and the community at large.

My social network with academic institutions, Policy Makers, CBOs will help me to share skills and make Wikieducator a popular tool for building a knowledge society.