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Learning Logical Framework

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The objective of this module is to improve the practitioners capacity to preparing logical framework in designing and implementing project.

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The outcomes of the module are:

  • learners will acquire conceptual ideas about logical framework
  • learners will acquire skills of understanding the internal logic of propjects
  • learners will acquire skills to prepare logical framework for a project

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Activity 1: Concept

What is project? A project is a set of interrelated activities aiming to achieve certain objectives durng a specific time and limited cost. The activities are related to one another and not isolated and are essential to achieve desired outcomes. The project has time constraints, that is all activities should be completed within a specified time period. All project activities should be undertaken with reasonable costs.

What is logical framework? the logical framework is a tool for managing a project which arranges various important elements of a project sequentially and logically. Logical framework provides summary of a project within a 4x4 matrix framework.

Activity 2: Conceptualising

A project is derived either from a problem and/or an opportunity. A problem may be defined as the gap between and actual and desired situation. A set of activities may be undertaken to minimise or reduce the gap while the desire is a logical and rational. A company that produces a product for which demand is increasing due to increase of population may consider to harness the market opportunities by expanding its exixting plant or establishing a new plant. Thus the desired situation for the company is to increase productivity by a certain percentages.
Therefore,the starting of a project as well as logical framework is to identify the problem. Feeling about the problem is diffrent from defining a problem. A problenm has cause and effect relationships. What causes the problem and what is the effect of a problem. Developing of a logcal framework starts from analysing the cause and effect relationship. It is advisable to think about the contribution of this problem to a larger system and what is required to address the problem. Sequential and links of these analysis form the basis of the logical framework who is also known as internal logic of a project.