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This text is bold text and this is italicized text.

  • Go to the shop
  • See Mr. Tony
  • See Kimono
  • See Justin
  • Collect books from him
    • Give him magazines
      • PC Plus

Another List

  1. Travel to Kenya
  2. See Kimono
  3. Go to Ghana
    1. shoprite
    2. shopleft
    3. shop in between

I can practice this session by making bold statements instead of making italicized statements.

I have just finished all my practical sessions at the university of science and technology

You should all visit my company website.

A good search engine is Google.

This is a link I will like to include later belonging to E.J.

Now, after all the rigmaroling, check out my blog!

Now, this is my favourite wiki: RTENOTITLE

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Johnopigoebidei page


The Ijaw tribe of the Niger Delta in Nigeria is considered to be the fourth largest in the country. Geographically, they are dispersed along the coastal areas of Nigeria across several states. There is no homogeneous physical location for this tribe. The Niger Delta is where the oil is. It is the goose that lays the golden egg for the country. Paradoxically, the people of this region are neglected, impoverished, educationally backward and plagued by environmental degradation caused by oil exploration and exploitation.