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Online wiki skills course day Four

The box below is in a template structure which I only learned how to make on day nine

Icon objectives.jpg
My learning objectives
  1. Find out what has already been done in my subject area (ESP)
  2. I know the idea of wiki editing but still want to become more confident
  3. I'd like to see what other English teachers there are on this course
  4. Find out how all this diffuse activity works as a space for collaboration

starting to make resources

My main contribution could be a methodology for creating syllabi in "English for Specific Purposes", but that's more teacher training.

Or perhaps a ready resource for English for Law / English for Mathematics?

Online wiki skills course day Six

I'm very pleased to live high up - where I can watch the weather from my window.

Subpages (you learn this on day ten!)

John Kuti's OER to do list