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An idea for a WikiEducator project

In Australia, a new National Curriculum is being developed across all subject areas.

The syllabus documents for Science are due to be published at the end of 2010.

Timelines for Science curriculum:

  • The junior syllabus is to be implemented fully by 2013.
  • Some schools will trial the new syllabus in 2011.
  • The timeline for implementation of the senior courses is not yet determined.




My initial thoughts are to create an online Biology Network.  Probably even better would be a Science page, that then has links through to each of the other subjects.  I suppose I would need to recruit other interested teachers to oversee the other individual subject areas, such as Chemistry and Physics.

  • This would serve the purpose of compiling a pool of resources for new curriculum areas.
  • It would mean that these resources could be freely available to schools worldwide, particularly those that might have financial constraints to accessing other materials.

The last time there was a new Biology syllabus, I attended local Network meetings, sharing ideas with colleagues in other Sydney schools.

This was fantastic and I gained a lot of new ideas and knowledge.  However, it was difficult for many people to attend, even though they would have liked to - family or work commitments and distance from the venue limited attendance to just a few people.

  • A WikiEducator online Network would mean that many more teachers could collaborate.  In particular, I think that it would be of interest to teachers in remote, rural areas of Australia who may not be able to attend the professional development on offer.

Practice for day 5

Taronga Zoo


A very colourful WikiEducator user page



Practice for day 6

  • Type "Message_pad.jpg" in the Image file name text area.

As you type, available files will display in the Automatic search results window.

  • Click on the identical file name which appears in the Automatic search results" window.

You should see a preview of the image, a message pad with pen, appear in the area to the right of the text boxes.

  • Click on OK at the bottom of the dialog box to see the image displayed in the wiki page.
    * Click on Save page when you are satisfied.