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Indian food as you all would agree is no where to found in the entire world.It not only has a different mouth wattering taste but also is different from the rest of the world in cooking methods.Our food like our culture has also been influenced by various civilizations.

Our food has loads of spices in it which makes it even better.Throughout India be it north or south, spices are generously put in the food.

Regional cuisines
North India

Awadhi cuisine|Awadhi – Cuisine of Bihar|Bihari – Bhojpuri cuisine|Bhojpuri – Cuisine of Kashmir|Kashmiri
Punjabi – Sindhi cuisine|Sindhi -
Rajasthani cuisine|Rajasthani – Cuisine of Uttar Pradesh|Uttar Pradeshi
Mughlai cuisine|Mughlai - North Indian cuisine|more..

South India

Andhra cuisine|Andhra – Cuisine of Karnataka|Karnataka – Cuisine of Kerala|Kerala – Tamil cuisine|Tamil
[[Hyderabadi cuisine|Hyderabadi – Udupi cuisine|Udupi – South Indian cuisine|more..

East India

Bengali cuisine|Bengali – Oriya cuisine|Oriya

North-East India

Cuisine of Assam|Assamese – Naga cuisine|Naga – Sikkimese cusine|Sikkimese – Tripuri cuisine|Tripuri

West India

Goan cuisine|Goan – Gujarati cuisine|Gujarati – Maharashtrian cuisine|Marathi –
Malvani cuisine|Malvani & Konkani – Parsi cuisine|Parsi


Indian Chinese cuisine|Indian Chinese - Cuisine_of_Nepal|Nepali
Jain (Satvika) – Anglo-Indian cuisine|Anglo-Indian
Chettinad cuisine|Chettinad – Indian fast food|Fast food

Ingredients and types of food

Main dishes – List of Indian sweets and desserts|Desserts – Indian bread|Bread
List of Indian drinks|Drinks – List of Indian snacks|Snacks – [[List of Indian spices|Spices – List of Indian condiments|Condiments