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Hellow everyone!!

My name is Joseph Alick Phiri and I am a Lecturer in IT at ZCAS.ZCAS is in Lusaka-Zambia. I would like to share with fellow Lecturers and Students on the teaching materials I have.

The course materials will range from basic to advanced..


My name is Joseph Alck Phiri. I am male and I stay in Lusaka-Zambia in an area called Kabulonga.
I have short hair and cocoa-dark skinned in clour and approximately 1.67M tall..


I am a Lecturer in Information Technology at Zambia Centre for Accountancy Studies (ZCAS) - Lusaka
Zambia. ZCAS is along Dedan Kimathi Rd- Kamwala area near the Intercity bus terminus.
I lecture on a number of IT courses on the certificate, Advanced Diploma, short courses and on
diploma in Project Management.

I also do IT Consultancies ....


I enjoy Lecturing and mentoring the students in all the many courses/subjects I teach.
The other thing I enjoy is visiting different parts of Zambia and other parts outside Zambia.
I also enjoy facing challenges such as solving problems be it on personal or organisanal level.
I also enjoy gardening and rearing chickens which I do in my free time..
Ask me if you need information on gardening and chicken rearing.
Soon, I will be going into PIG rearing...thanks


  • Like I said in my opening remarks, I really have alot of material to share.
  • I need to post several teaching and other material on my website for others to read
    and comment and use..
  • I also expect to learn from other colleagues on what they have in terms material(academic or otherwise).
  • I also expect to extend the knowledge I will get from here to my student..
  • I will encourage my students to be part of wiki...


I have a small family of four(4)....myselfy, my wife, my son and daughter..
If you need the names contact me.. thanks

See U..

--Masiyemwanza 15:57, 25 June 2008 (CAT)

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