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Maths in a Playcentre Setting

Words of introduction

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  • Basic understanding of maths in early childhood
  • Adult able to recognize maths skills being used by children
  • Adult able to respond, explicitly supporting maths skills



What Else

Possible Handouts Follow

The intention is that the following will be moved to their own page for easy printing and distribution at a learning event.

What more needs to be added?See discussion page


Conservation - To save for later use, including keeping one feature of an object the same through physical changes. For example, babies learn object permenance.

Reversibility - Understanding that actions can be. taken to return something to its original state. For example, an object can be picked up and then put down.

Sorting - Any process of arranging or organising items in some sequence and/or in different sets.

Ordering - A sorting process where the objects are arranged by the same kind, class, nature, etc. For example arranging items in a set, by colour or shape.

Sequencing - A sorting process where usually referring to an arrangement by time or number.

Seriating - A Sorting process. Generally refers to a type of inset puzzle consisting of two or more pieces of differing sizes.

Categorizing - Grouping and labeling items with similar properties together (by sorts).

Patterning - Recognising and creating using consistent forms or styles

Enumeration- To count

Measuring - To ascertain the dimensions, quantity, or capacity of.



Dimension - length, height

Distance - close, near, far, far away, further, distant, mm, cm, m, km, light year, astronomical unit, league, depth, range

Geometry - square, rectangle, column, arc, arch, circle, semi circle, sphere, hemisphere, triangle, pentagon, hexagon, etc.

Orientation - horizontal, vertical, upside down, right side up, face down, face up, next to, beside, behind, over, under, inside, outside, in front, former, later, first,

Ordinal Position- first, second, third ... penultimate, penultimate

Size - wee, tiny, teeny, small, average, big, large, huge, colossal, enormous

Temperature - freezing, cold, body temperature, tepid, warm, hot, boiling, degrees Celsius

Time - ms, sec, hour, day, week, fortnight, month, year, season, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, decade, annual, century, millennium,

Texture - smooth, rough, scratchy, fuzzy, coarse, velvety

Weight - light, heavy, grams, kilograms, tonne first, second, third

Comparatives - many of the words listed above can used when comparing two or more things by adding the suffixes, "er" and "est" as in light, lighter and lightest.