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Intro to Open Stuff

This intended to assist people as they begin their journey in understanding the world of open education. It is hoped that it is useful to begin dialogue in any organisations in which they participate.

The following tutorial is simply a reading list and as such pick and choose what is of interest to you.

Some of the links will direct you to Tutorials on WikiEducator from the Learning4Content Workshop that I have completed. Skip any of the activities that require you to create and account or edit (unless, of course, you wish to do so).

Current Intended Audience

This was created specifically for the members of the NZ Playcentre Federation Education Team.

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  1. Team introduced to
    • Free Content
    • WikiEducator
    • Creative Commons licensing

What is a wiki?

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Read What is a wiki?

Concepts and Terminology

To discuss this amongst ourselves and associations we need to be familiar with the terminology. The workshop has a tutorial, #12, which discusses free content with links to various sources. It is fine that you have not completed or read Tutorials 1-11.

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Read the WikiEducator Tutorial 12 - Free Content.

Maintaining Usefulness

WikiEducator Tutorial #7 Collaborative Editing states" WikiEducator's contributors may come from many different countries and cultures and have different views, perspectives, and backgrounds, that sometimes vary widely." If we make education materials on WikiEducator we would be doing so with our learners in mind. These resources can then be changed by those with no knowledge of Playcentre, our philosophy and practices.

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How will global input affect The Playcentre Way in materials we create?

Restoring a Changed Page

The Wiki allows a page to reverted to any previous version, thus any vandalism can easily be removed. This page also has a history tab. It contains a list of all my changes plus those from 'Nelliemuller'.

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Click on the 'History' tab at the top of this page. Note the 'cur' and 'last' buttons which allow the page to be changed to any version. Then return to this page.

Well, that is all for now. I trust you will send me feedback along the usual channels.

--Victoria Spagnolo 10:11, 3 April 2009 (UTC)