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Seasons of Life

Winter at its best


A season that signifies an end - and also a new beginning to life. It has its own beauty. It only requires a person to see it and enjoy it, inspite its disadvantages.

About Me


Hello. My name is Pooja Nadkarni. I come from the beautiful country of India. Mumbai, my birthplace, is a great city. Amongst the many things that I enjoy about this city are its fast-track life and the ability and the capacity of the city to accomodate and accept people from every part of the world, from all walks of life.


By qualification, I am a Dietitian and an Instructional Designer. Why the change in the profession? While doing Dietetics, I understood that there are many subjects that need proper chunking and help for the students to understand it better.

  1. Dietetics and Nutrition
  2. Instructional Designing [1]

Work Experience

  1. Worked at Hospitals and Gymnasiums as a Dietician
  2. Worked in an e-learning company for 4 years as an Instructional Designer
  • Worked on creating CBTs
  • Worked on creating WBTs
  • Worked on creating ILTs
  • Created trainings and conducted workshops on ID strategies
  1. Working at Wawasan Open University
  • Editing Courseware
  • Checking content for ID theories