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Icon objectives.jpg

Icon objectives.jpg
  • tie a shoe lace
  • buy a book
  • ring a bell

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Web Resources

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  • press the button
  • paddle the canoe

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  1. write a summary of the story
  2. what is the plot?
    • what is the climax?
    • write the conclusion

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Case Study

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Web Resources

  • Points
    • Points
mi na ya

  1. left
    1. left
    • points

main title

sub title 1

sub title 2

Assignments for this term Assignments1

New page

My way

Solomon Islands Distance Education Centre

Creating external links

This is the schoolnet website

This is the schoolnet website [1]

This is the schoolnet website Click here

(Comment.gif: I'm most impressed -- you have made excellent progress covering all the skills. Well done. All you need to do now is transfer these layout skills onto your main userpage. Wayne Mackintosh 06:50, 19 February 2008 (UTC))