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This is my contribution to the L4C1 Different methods of cooking

Contact-new.svg Hilmah Mollomb
Employer:Distance Education Centre
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Oraganisation name: Distance Education Centre Oraganisation address: SICHE, P. O Box R113 HONIARA, Solomon Islands Email address: Telephone numbers: Landline: (677) 38809 Facsimilie:

Participant Informaton Name: Hilmah Mollomb Gender: Female Date of Birth: 1960 Nationality: Solomon Islander Country where you live and work now: Solomon Islands Affiliation/organisation: DEC/SICHE E-mail Telephone and emergency contact: (677) 76683 Anything else we should know about you , (allergies, diet, medical condition, special needs): Don't eat pork, crustaceans or mollusks Community: I come from Bisuana village in the Marovo lagoon, Solomon Islands. This community is situated near Batuna where a satelite website had recently been set up.

This technology is enabling my people to have access to the global community which I see is a positive development. The people in my community will have to be trained to be computer literate and be able to use the programmes comfortably.

Commercial logging is another problem which is affecting my community and this has led to some negative impacts in the lives of my people. This is because the royalties are not equally shared or distributed to the people. People in return are not engaged in sustainable development projects that would help the future generation thus leading to unnecessary social problems.

You I am born into a family of only three girls at Batuna Clinic in the Marovo lagoon, Solomon Islands. I am a trained high school teacher with a teaching background in English and Home Economics. I am into textiles, reading and music. I can't play a musical instrument but I love listening to music from Rn'B to country and western.

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