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Where Community Empowerment will be, and where it should be, ten years from now. It is composed of three elements: (1) the Community Empowerment web site, (2) the Community Empowerment Collective. and (3) the Community Empowerment portals on WikiEducator.

I think the Community Empowerment colect will be where it is now,composed by the above three elements but with broaden outreach than ever since more people will have internet access in the following years.

Do you think that you will be around in 2020? Yes of course (if still alive), because my work in the field is directly conected with the goals of the CEC by one side,by the other side I hope to continue to receive feedback and refreshments from the CEC in regarding to developing capacity of local communities.

Regardless, Do you think that CE will be around in 2020? Yes

Should it be? For sure

What will contribute to the difference? (To be or not to be?) To be: CEC will continue to provide accessible training materials to people who otherwise would not be able, Not to be:Lost of invaluable resources,lack of access to affordable training materials,moreover lack of empowerment of people around the globe

What changes would you like to see in (a) the content? Probable a place to registry all organizations/people that download contents for use so that impact of the CEC be easely measurable (b) the organization? I do not see any thing that should be changed at this moment (c) the membership? Maybe there should be an exchange forum between members to provide inputs,opinions,suggestions and so on

What strengths does it have that should be preserved, if any? The fact that it runs without any budget altough mobilizing people from all the world.

What weaknesses does it have and how can they be fixed? It's not a weakness related to the organization,but it's related to the limitation due to the access of internet,as it's known people who is more in need to materials available on the CEC sites are those who have not ease access to internet,my suggestion to solve this issue is to create local replications (with zero budget) to make possible materials access for people who does not have internet.

I believe there are two main topics that need to be developed. Environmentally Sustainable Communities and Districts, and Mechanisms for Community to Community Dialogue and Fora. What do you think about those? Others? I also agree enviromentally issues should be more developed as well as emphasis Local Economic Development

I believe there are two main elements that should be retained: Zero Annual Budget, and No Examples or Success Stories. What do you think about those? Others? In fact I consider those are the strenght of CEC

The emphasis is on How To, not on Why To (too many of those around already), written to be easily understood by a middle school leaver (even though many post graduates and professors read and use the material). What do you think about that? I think it should continue this way.