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My Profile

==Professional Background== Worked in various senior capacities of the public service here in Guyana, including Local Governemt Administration/Community Development, Project Preparation-Planning-Evaluation, Human Resources Management and Financial Management

==Education== Post Graduate Diploma in Education (Dip.Ed.)Administration, Degree in International Relations, Certificate in Project Management and Administration-National Systems of Planning,Studies in Social Psychology,Studies in Developmental Psychology,Mental Health and You,Sociology,Management

==My Interests==Developing online teaching materials for Human Resource Practitioners, Public Administrators, Public Policy Advisors and Community Development Personnel

=== Professional === Registered Nurse, Teacher, Online Faciliator,Maintenance Systems and Controlling Resources: Certificate,Project Planning Development,Human Resource Management

=== Personal ===Interested in national development issues and developing community/individual capacity in education and health management


My Projects

Presently, I am employed as Project Coordinator which addresses capacity building through education and training for 12 Ameriandian villages in the Hinterland communities . This project particularly includes women and peoples with disabilities. My nest project is being an online faciliator on Human Resources Management. Both projects are executed by Institute of Distance and Continuing Education (IDCE) University of Guyana.

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