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Mr. Gilroy Middleton

Contact-new.svg Gilroy Middleton
Website:University of Belize
Employer:University of Belize
Other roles:City Councilor
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Today is: 22, June 2021

(Comment.gif: Dear Gilroy. Welcome to WikiEducator. You have made good progress in this short a time. You are well on your way of becoming a WikiMaster. Kindly complete the information in the infobox to the right by going to Edit, making the entries and saving your entries at the bottom. Warm regards --Patricia 21:53, 8 January 2009 (UTC))

My Profile

My name is Gilroy Middleton Sr. I am presently a Lecturer in Mathematics Education at the University of Belize.I presently live in the village of Lords Bank in the Belize District. I am presently a City Councilor incharge of After School programs and Planning.I am also a member of the Belize Cricket Association. I also serve as the Chief Scorer and Statistician for the 'Belize Softball Association'.


During my spare time i work at the Examination Unit vetting Pse Examination in:

  • Mathematics
  • Science

For 2009 these are some of the goals i would like to accomplish.

  1. Conduct Workshops in Measurement and Evaluation for High School Teachers
  2. Work with challenged children in primary schools
  3. Do research related to crime

My Sandbox

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Icon objectives.jpg

My Objectives will go here:

  • one
  • two

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