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Pilot Project Title: Innovations in Teaching Biology

  • This Project can be extended to include Zoology & Microbiology and made into Biology Teaching
  • I welcome all Biologists to this Project.

Why this Project

  • The whole world depends on plants for survival.
  • Teaching about plants requires a special approach.

Innovations in Teaching

Science Teaching

Theory and Lecture Classes

Experimentation and Practical Classes

Teaching Plant Sciences

Classical Botany approach

Why need for innovations

Teaching Methodologies

Emailing useful materials - Interlinking Classroom and Web for Teaching

  • I take the email ID's of all my students and make class-wise mailing groups.
  • For every class I ask one student to be my "Email Contact" who ensures that everyone is getting the mails and tells me about change/addition of email ID from that class
  • I send every class group, the syllabus, before starting of the new session in the college.
  • Next, I mail a list of readings relevant to their course to be studied.
  • I send paper-wise book lists for reading.
  • I also send a soft copy of list of Botany Books in the college library and their location on the Gargi College library shelves.
  • This also includes the number of copies of the books available in the Reference section and the Issue sections.
  • As all my students do not have access to internet at home, I give out prints which they can photocopy. Some take copes from their friends.
  • Where ever possible and relevant, I email reading materials which students can printout and bring to the class. I ensure that I send this well in advance.
  • In Botany there are long Botanical names which students tend to copy from the classroom board making spelling mistakes. Sending them the list of names which would be used in the coming lecture solves this problem.For example Potato is Solanum tuberosum to Botanists.

Teacher Perspective

  • My main focus is on two lines
  1. Using the technological advancements in everyday, classroom education.
  2. Keeping a balance of Chalkboard teaching and internet usage. There can never be any method better than the Chalkboard / Whiteboard approach. The reason for this, in my opinion is that this method makes every lesson highly customized for that batch of students.

Student Perspective