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This is my practice page

I work at NUS ': I am a History Lecturer

National University of Samoa: Institute of Higher Education

Faculty of Arts

Department of Social Sciences

Semester Two, 2008

There are eight people in the Department of Social Sciences

  • Isalei Sioa (HOD)
  • Dr Maria Kerslake
  • Susana Tauaa
  • Helen Tanielu-Stowers
  • Louise Mataia-Milo
  • Dr Karen Nelson
  • Anita Latai
  • Daisy Bentley-Gray

Subjects taught include

  1. Sociology
    • HSO001
    • HSO002
  2. Geography
    • HGE001
    • HGE002
  3. History
    • HHI001
    • HHI002
  4. Anthropology

Pacific Islands

Western Pacific Countries

  1. Papua New Guinea
    • Port Moresby
  2. Solomon Islands
    • Guadacanal
  3. Vanuatu
    • Port Villa
  4. New Caledonia
    • Noumea
  5. Fiji
    • Suva

Eastern Pacific Countries

  1. American Samoa
    • Pagopago
  2. Samoa
    • Apia
  3. Tonga
    • Tongatapu
  4. Marquesas
  5. Cook Islands
    • Rarotonga
  6. French Polynesia
    • Tahiti
      • Papeete
  7. Easter Island

Internal and External Links

This is Vernetta's page
This is Telesia's page

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At the end of the topic students will be able to:

  • know and understand the relevant concepts
  • identify and explain the causes of imperial rule in Samoa
  • identify and explain the effects of imperialism on Samoan society

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Imperialism in the Pacific started in the late 19th Century. The need for raw materials to facilitate the Industrial revolution had led to European overseas expedition missions. Thus, areas beyond the European continent were taken over as a result.

John 23 Male
Joan 12 Female