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Transformation of Educational Techology


The recent development in the field of elearning has necessacitate the need for Educational Technolgy transforamtion exercise in order to cope with our aspirations to expand access and participation in the Lifelong learning. The following are the objectives for such an endeavour.

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The objectives for this project are to;
  • enhance the Educational Technology Unit
  • undertake a review of the operations of the Educational Technology in relation to eLearning support to academic staff and students
  • justify the requirements for transformation in view of the National Development Strategic operations
  • recommend an organisational/operational structure for the transformed new centre

Conceptual Framework

The staff of Educational Technology Unit were given an opportunity to contribute to the development of a paper on how Educational Technolgy could be transformed.


  • Questionaire was designed and circulated for completion by staff memebers
  • Several meetings were held to discuss and refine contribute ideas
  • Reference materials and sites were given for staff to read for transformation benchmarking exercise
  • Presentations were conducted to further refine to the draft paper
  • Final presentation was made to the Consultant for concept approval and input

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Case Study
case studies of similar institutions who have transformed over time