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Contact-new.svg Gal Springman
Website:Language Connections
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Today is: 30, November 2022

My profile

Gal Springman, M.Ed, Language Teaching in Multicultural Societies. Israeli, living in Tel Aviv.

  1. Chairperson and Co-founder of Language Connections Organization.
  2. Project coodinator, building and managing web-based gated social communities of learners coming from different cultural backgrounds. I specialized in empowering both "low" and "high achievers" using mixed media technologies

My interests

I'm interested in:

  • Networking with educators to share educational resources
  • Initiating international educational projects
  • Developing models and programs, coordinating implementation
  • Running training workshops
  • Supervising evaluation plans, conducting research

My Website, blog and contact particulars

Language Connections
My Linkedin profile
Networking in Multicultural Education group
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What is Multiculturalism ?

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