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Contact-new.svg Fiona Grant
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Employer:The Manaiakalani Education Trust
Country:New Zealand
Skype address:fionagrantnz
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As a Professional Learning and Development Facilitator Fiona collaborates with educators to successfully inquire into their practice to strengthen the capability of teachers, leaders and schools to improve learning outcomes for all students. Fiona is particularly interested in how web technologies can create new learning and teaching possibilities.

Fiona has a Master of Education (First Class Honours) including postgraduate specialisation in e-Education and educational leadership. She has contributed nationally to Ministry of Education e-learning initiatives and recently became a Google Certified Teacher.

From February 2012 Fiona will join a team of facilitators who are supporting schools through The Manaiakalani Education Trust.

Fiona is also a fan of EduCampNZ un-conferences and uses her blog, VirtualNorth and Twitter, to share and connect with other learners.

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EduCampNZ: user generated 'unconference' or Barcamp. The focus is on e-learning and education, sharing ideas we've discovered and learning from each other. Everyone is invited to participate in some way.The purpose of EduCampNZ is to both learn and contribute. It is based on the Open Space Meeting Format. No real agenda is set and it will be up to participants to determine the focus for the sessions, grow their learning, network and have fun!



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The wikification of Fiona - A blog post I wrote before beginning my exploration of Wiki Educator.

(Comment.gif: Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog post Wayne --Fiona Grant 09:11, 31 August 2009 (UTC) (UTC))

My Reflections

Adding widgets to these pages is not as easy as copy and pasting some html. Anyone out there want to add a widget to my page so I can see how it's done feel free. For example a widget for My Flickr (see link above) many thanks.

Also tried to embed a recording of my mihi...I ended up going around in circle so linked to the file...any help would be appreciated, searched for instructions but no luck.

--Fiona Grant 01:39, 29 August 2009 (UTC)

I'm not sure what widgets can be used - certainly I haven't yet found a way to add things like we can over at wikispaces. Will keep you posted on what I find.

--dragonsinger57 04:23, 29 August 2009 (UTC)

Having same problem with an image as I had trying to embed sound file.Keeps telling me the file is not there and to upload..... but it is? When I try to upload again it says duplicate file. Please leave instructions for deleting a file that has been uploaded. Many Thanks

Reflections continued here

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(Comment.gif: Hi there Fiona. Noce to see link to the TKI website for software for classes - I have had good look to see if there are other things I can use in the classroom. Best wishes with this course. Cheers. --Mary Robinson )

(Comment.gif: Hi Fiona. Great start. Keep adding content on your page, so we get to know you. You are on your way.--Patricia 00:10, 26 August 2009 (UTC))

(Comment.gif: Hi Fiona - you might be able to just do a cut and paste of information from your other site. Cheers --dragonsinger57 09:58, 26 August 2009 (UTC))

Wiki Workshops

OERNZ First Online Workshop

A New Zealand national Learning4Content workshop

Learning4Content wiki skills workshop


Hello and welcome to eL4C29, a free online Learning4Content wiki skills workshop.

Enjoy the workshop.
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You may wish to check the schedule and layout of the workshop and introduce yourself.

  1. Click on the link EL4C29.
  2. The page that will open is the workshop page with all the links you will be using during the workshop.
  3. See your name in the list of participants.
  4. Whenever you have time click on each of the boxes.
  5. You may even start with Day 1 activities.
Enjoy the workshop.