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Myself at L4C Workshop in Tuvalu

Who am i?

I am me,myself and I....all the way from Tuvalu. Born a Tuvaluan,with Hikaiana's blood and will die a Rioana....blessed with two lovely angels (Valma&Puleisili Jnr)


Where from?

All the way from that wonderful and peaceful paradise of Vaihigano, Tokelau,Nanumaga.


  • fufu penu
  • ano
  • tele kaleuto
  • tele faka-sopoaga
  • sinamatai

L4C Workshop

Here is bold text

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  • Here is a dot point
  • Here is another dot point,I love Tuvalu
  • I love playing volleyball
  1. here is a number point
  2. here is another number point
  3. Tio avaga mo Loisio fakateletele hand-car pouli.Hahahahahaha....ea e mae?



How to make home-brew

  • Things to prepare first
  1. 1 bucket
  2. 10 ltrs of water
  3. 1 pkt of yeast
  4. 5 kg sugar (brown sugar)

Steps to do

  1. Fill-up the bucket first with 5 ltrs water
  2. Pour the 5kg of sugar into the bucket of water
  3. Then mixed them well
  4. After that pour in the yeast (pkt)
  5. Then mixed it till the yeast dissolved
  6. Then pour the other 5ltrs of water
  7. Mixed it again (5-10 mins)

Last thing to do

  • Close/secure the lead firmly
  1. Wait for 5-6 hours

Have fun...cheers!