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Summary of the Project work at DOSET

I am the project officer for DOSET. My tasks include among other things such as monitoring and reviews of multi millionaire projects for DOSET. We have some big projects at Maun, BOCODOL/DOSET Maun Centre, Old Mphute CJSS building to be renovated for by our learners, the expansion of Maths DOSET centre. we have monthly visit to the sites to monitor progress and ensure that enough human resources are on sites to fulfil the completion period which is February 2010. The conntract at Maun is cuurently behing schedule by 57 days. The problems enamate from a lot substantial rasons, among them weather inclenation. The contract has promised every in its power to finsh on time despite the bottlenecks experiance in the past year (2008). In addition to the roles performed as the Poject manager for the department I am aslo tasked the responsobility supervise the HR staff and the operations office (Supply chain management staff and accounts office).

Francisco Kelebeng DOSET- Project Officer
--FBKelebeng 13:07, 20 March 2009 (UTC)