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L4C Workshop

L4c working group Funafuti November 2008
Evotia @L4C Workshop Funafuti November 2008

About Evotia Tofuola

A School Supervisor in the Education Department,Ministry of Education and Sports in Tuvalu. Tuvalu consists of eight atoll islands. The atolls are Malefatuga.

My responsibilities are:

1. supervision
2. human resources development
3. budgeting

This is my work email addy work

My interest

  • point 1. dancing
  • point 2 cooking
  • point 3 play volleyball
  • point 4 travelling

Work history


work as a school supervisor in the Department of Education


Head teacher at Faikimua Primary School, Nukulaelae.


Study at USP


Teach at Nauti Primary School

All the years from 1981 after graduating from the teacher's college in Fiji I taught at different levels in the different primary schools in Tuvalu.

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