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Music and the Body

(Comment.gif: Evelina, please add your final work to the above link for your project and please only use your words or cite someone else by adding quotation marks and the source. Thank you. --Nellie Deutsch 18:08, 13 March 2009 (UTC)) Introduction: My topic is about the affect of music on our body. In this project I am going to discuss how our brain translate the language of music and what happens in our body that affects on our emotions,energy and thinking. For example:when we hear classical calm music we also become calm and relaxed. Another example when we hear rock music we become energetic and jumpy. Also i will discuss and show in my project how music heals us from diseases and ways of using music for healing such as physiotherapy, I chose this topic because this is a very interesting subject which contains information about the human body that I am interested in. Since I was a little girl my dream was to become a surgeon. The reason I chose to talk about music is because in modern times music has become a big part of our lives. We hear music in our daily lives. It has become very important which is why I chose to research this topic and show that even in simple things can make big and important things.

Research Findings

My project is about music affects on our body. First I will start with: what is music ? Music is an art, that we using our sense of hearing to create it and hear it. Music was used from the start of human life on earth and it is exist for ages and never will vanish because music is part of us and life. Music considers a few elements which it is made of:pitch, rhythm, dynamics, structure timbre and texture.People use music for centuries in parties, holidays, wars , weddings,birthdays, in pray and more. Music has been around throughout history but has developed to reach new limits. People use tools to make music.

Does music has affect on the brain?

We ask " does the music has an affect on our brain " as I found in my research music has his affect on brain. While we listen to music especially your favorite song brain releases hormones to the body such as: adrenalin(hormone which causes blood pressure to rise).Scientists founded that music can change metabolic rates,increase or decrease blood pressure, effect energy levels and digestion positively or negatively but it is depending on type of music. If we listening to calm music such as classical music you will have very calming affect on your body. This kind of music increase endorphins(peptide that resemble an opiate that is naturally found in the body and raises the body's pain threshold. Classical music uses in various ways especially in boundary of medicine for example, musical therapy which use music to cure patients from diseases caused by wrong function of the brain such as:high or low blood pressure, ADD children mental illness, depression,aid in healing stress ,insomnia and premature infants. Research found that music with strong beat can stimulate brainwaves to resonate in sync with beat, faster beats bring s sharper concentration and more alert thinking. Also researches have found that change in brainwave activity levels that music can bring, can also enable brain to shift speeds more easily on its own as needed which means that music can bring lasting benefits to your state of mind even after you've stopped listening. Also the breathing and heart beats are affected by the brain waves which are created from music.

Music Therapy

As we saw before music can create waves in our brain that affect on our whole body in positive way. As a result people started to develop music as treatment in medicine which called "music therapy". experts started using because research has been proved that brain waves which are affected from music can heal us from brain such as: cancer, children with ADD, pain management, depressions, promote movement calm patients, ease muscle attention, lowering blood presure and for many others. Also music uses for bringing more positive state of mind. Music thrapy helps to prevent stress response from wreaking havoc on the body and helps to keep creativity with optimism.Because all of the benefits of music therapy it spreads around the world slowly and slowly and bring a lot of success in healing patients. This method of healing uses in big part of hospitals in the world to calm their patients from worrying about their diseases and make them think more positive. Also you can use on your self with no help and achieve those benefits. Now we know what music therapy is and how much it helps to us.

How music affects on your mood:

Until now we talked how music affects on our health and brain. So now I will show you how music affects on our mood. When we listen to exciting music we feel full of energy,happy, excited,ready to jump and yell from happiness. this all depends on music that you like. While we listening to music our brain releases adrenalin ( hormone which causes blood to rise) and make us more energetic and excited, happy even if we are not in the mood or depressed. We try to use exciting music when we need more energy then we have like: when we are exercising or when we try to overcome negative feelings. Or when we want to feel calm we are listening to classical music and the brain releases hormone endorphin(a peptide that resembles an opiate that is naturally found in the body and raises the body's pain threshold)and relieve us from negative feeling such as :anger, annoying and etc. Music can easily change our mood for good.

Does music make us smarter?

There are people who think that music is type of language and has incredible benefits and one of them is making us smarter/ this way of thinking was proven by scientist. Experiments had show that classical music can stimulate brain in way that helps educational and emotional development, also it can stimulate brain's alfa waves and creating a calm feeling. It is known as "Mozart affect", a theory which is credited with boosting IQ, improving health, strengthening family ties and even producing the occasional child prodigy. There is one problem in "Mozart affect" it has affect only on fetuses and babies in the early years. this technique includes playing classical music especially Mozart's music to fetus or baby. This music help to build neural bridges(they are transferring data in the brain) in the brain. By this we can make our children smarter and build intelligent society.


As i indicated, music is not just regular thing that we listen every day, it has a lot of benefits. Music is affecting positively on our brain. It can make us smarter, change mood in positive way,heal us from diseasesand more. Music is like magic that can do incredible things. Also music is one of ways to reach happiness. I have one thing to say listen more to music.


From the start i planned to to write about Japanese culture but in last moment i changed to something more interesting something with music which this is the simplest topic that we are meeting in every day life. So i developed my idea of the project to:How does music affect on our body. From the start i couldn't find a lot of material/But in the end i founded amazing material about this topic. I discovered a lot of new things about this topic like:music therapy and how does music make us smarter. I enjoined a lot to do this protect even if it was a little hard.

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