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Employer:Deen Dayal upadhyay College, University of Delhi
Occupation:Students, B.A (hons) English, I year
Nationality:Indian Flag of India.svg
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Paper I: Enlish Literature


1. Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice
2. CharlesDickens Hard Times
3. Charlotte Bronte Jane Eyre
4. George Elliot The Mill on The Floss
5.a Alfred Tennyson The Lady of Shallot, Ulysses, Crossing the Bar, The Defence ofLucknow
5.b Robert Browning My Last Duchess, The Last Ride Together, Porphyria’s Lover, Fra Lippo Lippi
5.c Christina Rossetti The Goblin market

Background Prose Readings:

  1. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engles, selections from A Reader in Marxist Philosophy, ed. Sels and Martel (New York, 1963), pp 186-8, 190-1, 199-201.
  2. Charles Darwin, selections from The Origin of Species (available in the Norton Anthology of English Literature, 3rd edn., vol.2), pp 1647-52
  3. John Stuart Mill, selections from The Subjection of Women (in The Norton Anthology of English Literature, vol.2), pp. 989-98
  4. Matthew Arnold, selections from Culture and Anarchy (in The Norton Anthology of English Literature, vol.2), pp. 1403-12

Background Topics:The Novel form in nineteenth century England, Faith and doubt; The dramatic monologue; The writer and society; Fiction and its readers

Paper II: Twentieth-Century Indian Writing

1. Rabindranath Tagore Home and The World'
2. Amitav Ghosh&nbsp The Shadow Lines'
3.Vijay Tendulkar' Ghasiram Kotwal
4. Mohan Rakesh Half-Way House
5. Premchand The Holy Panchayat
6. Saadat Hassan Manto&nbsp Toba Tek Singh
7. Ismat Chughtai; The Quilt
8. Vaikkom Mohammaed Basheer The Card Sharper’s daughter
9.Ambai The Squirrel
10. R.K. Narayan The M.C.C
11. Nissim Ezekiel Goodbye Party for Miss Pushpa T.S.,The Night of the Scorpian, Enterprise 12.JayantaMahapatra  Hunger, Dhauli, A Country, Grandfather
13. Sri Sri Forward March Some People Laugh, Some People Cry
14.G.M.Muktibodh&nbsp The Void, So Very Far
15 Jibanananda Das' What Else Before Death, The Windy Night, One Day I shall Come Back

Background Prose Reading:

  1. Rabindranath Tagore, Nationalism (New Delhi: Rupa, 1992), Chapters 1&3
  2. Namwar Singh, “Decolonizing the Indian Mind,” Indian Literature, no. 151 (Sept/Oct 1992)
  3. U.R Ananthamurthy, “Being a Writer in India,” from Tender Ironies, ed. Dilip Chitre et al, pp 127-46

Background Topics: Nationalism; The theme of the partition; Language and audience in Modern India; Tradition and experiment in the modern Indian Theatre; The individual and Society in modern Indian Literature

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