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Contact-new.svg II year English(hons)

Employer:Deen Dayal upadhyay College, University of Delhi
Occupation:Students, B.A (hons) English, 2nd year
Nationality:Indian Flag of India.svg
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And from the Victorian era in England & the Modern Indian literature we enter the world of Shakespeare, Marlow .. and many more . We study the renaissance literature , study the position of church in those times and how people like Shakespeare got influenced by all this ... We also study about the Greek Tragedies and read the first ever document that explains tragedy and comedy the treatise written by ARISTOTLE , we study about the theater in GREECE in 3'rd Century B.C. to put it in a nutshell : this keeps getting intresting ...

Paper III English Literature III

  • The Wife of bath Geoffrey Chaucer
  • Dr.Faustus Christopher Marlowe
  • Othello Shakespeare
  • As you like it Shakespeare
  • Astrophel And Stella,Sonnets Phillip Sydney
  • Epithalamion, Sonnets Edmund Spenser
  • Elgie going to bed John Donne

Background Prose Readings

  1. Pico della Mirandola , excerpts ( from the Oration on the dignity of man )
  2. John Calvin on Predestination and Free will ,in The Renessaince Portable Reader
  3. Baldassare Castiglinoe , excerpts from Book 3 of The courtier on the courtier , love and beauty
  4. Phillip Sidney , An Apology for poetry

Paper IV English Literature IV

  • William Shakespeare : Antony And Cleopatra
  • John Webster :The Duchess of Malfi
  • John Milton :Paradise Lost BookI, lines 1-26 (the invocation)
  • Aphra Behn :The Rover
  • John Dryden :MacFlecknoe
  • Alexander Pope :The Rape of the Lock

Background Prose Readings:

1.The Holy Bible , Genesis , chapters 1-4

2.Niccolo Machiavelli, from the Princes , chapters 15 , 16, 18 and25

3.Francis Bacon,'Of Marriage and Single Life', 'Of judgement' and, 'Of Studies'

4.Thomas Hobbes , from Leviathan , chapters 8 , chapter 11 and chapter 13

5.John Dryden , from ' A discourse Concerning the origin and progress of Satire '

Background topics The development of English Drama, Ideas of Love and Marriage in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance , Control and Censorship pf the Drama , The poet in the society , Renaissance Humanism

Paper V / Classical literature

  • The Iliad - Homer
  • Medea - Euripedes
  • Lysistrata - Aristophenes
  • Aristotle’s poetics - Aristotle
  • The Republic – Plato
  • Mahabharta - “the dicing and the the sequel to the dicing”
  • Bharatmuni’s Natyashastra
  • Draupadi : an essay
  • Abhijanana Shankuntla

Photography Club

The photography club named as CHAVI (AKA impression) at DDUC started its journey in year 2008, with 15+ students at its first batch, the club received great appreciation from everyone around. Mr. Hemant and Mrs. Kaberi are acting as the mentors of the club by bringing their vast experience in photography domain. One of the motivation source for this club is Mrs. Jayini Adhayapak, who is also holding the post of its convener. The first batch of club includes the following students from the English society of DDUC:

  1. Miss. Mansi (Ist Year)
  2. Miss. Rodsy (Ist Year)
  3. Miss. Ruby (Ist Year)
  4. Miss. Smriti Shukla (IIND Year)
  5. Miss. Kritika Harjai (IIND Year)
  6. Miss. Ritika Khera (IIND Year)
  7. Miss. Shubhangi Upadhaya (IIND Year)
  8. Miss. Harpreet Pelia (IIIrd Year)
  9. Miss. Tanvi Khurana (IIIrd Year)

The annual collage festival at DDUC also hosted a photographic exhibition and competition for Delhi University Students. In this competition, Miss. Smriti Shukla won the award for Best Photograph of the exhibition.

Smriti Shukla

Ritika Khera