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My profile

Hello ! I am Elizabeth Gil Martinez I am 22 years old I was born on January 5th

Professional background

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My Educational Phylosophy

I consider that my own educational philosophy is based on teach language through authentic materials like readings, audios and establish specific situations that let students develop their creativity using language. I like to prepare my material, look for and adapt it, according to my students’ needs and purpose. My objective in each class is try to integrate the 4 skills supporting each activity in different approaches and techniques. I believe that is impossible to based the teaching learning process in just one method or technique, in my personal point of view each class has a different purpose for that reason the combination of techniques and approaches is indispensable, in order to succeed in each class and achieve my objectives as teacher.

According to my short experience as teacher, I have discovered that one way of motivate my students is respect their point of view, let them to discover and provide their opinions and receive feedback from them. I think that a big mistake of any teacher is to believe that you are perfect because you are the teacher. Moreover, my favorite teacher role is act as a guide and avoids being a dictator that controls every single step of my students; I consider that if you as teacher act like a dictator, controller and all the time you are rejecting their effort you are going to discourage your students. In addition, a teacher has to take into account that students are human beings with personal necessities and feelings, and remember all the time that they have more scholar issues to attend and do not believe that my subject is their world.

My interests

Action Plan

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Nowadays, teachers do not explore ( What do you mean by "explore"?) on creative material (What do you mean by "creative material"?) and new ways ( What do you mean by "new ways"?) for teaching children.Commonly, teachers provide English to their students just from books, dictionaries or printed material. The most popular aim is to teach children by images and mimic, but some students require a most specific ways for learning a second language. It is well know, that learning process is based on: Approches, methods, techniques etc. Material is an esencial part of a class, specially for children. In the education field material is a guide of diferents manners for teaching. Through the years, the educative evolution provide to teachers new ways.......

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Nowadays, teachers do not look for innovative material for teaching children and cover the main four skills of English. Some examples of these kinds of innovative materials are: Moodle platform and wikis are special web pages for practicing writing and reading. On the other hand, pages as Skype let us as teachers provide to our students the possibility of practicing their speaking skills and establish contact with native speakers, something that is really important, in order to acquire a good pronunciation and real contact with the language. Moreover, there are interactive pages for practicing grammar in a funny and significative way for them.

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