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My name is Eileen.K.Lala. I am currently the Matriculation Studies Coordinator of FODE doing mostly administrative duties and making sure that the MS Program is offered in an organized and effective way.


FODE, Private Mail Bag, Waigani,
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My Sand Box PNG_Mathematics_Grade_nine_worksheets. I can be contacted on:

  • Tel: 323 0299
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I come from Bereina District in the Central Province outside Port Moresby city. I love my simple life style of gardening and fishing for livelihood. My village lacks basic services like health, road and education services to bring development to the people.


I am an outgoing person who likes to be simple. I am always considerate of others who deserve much respect.I like to be serious about life and would like to live it to the full. My passions in life is mostly my christian walk of life and how I can be of help to my community. My computer skills is average. My area of expertise is word processing and Lotus Notes. I would like to know how to use the applications of MS Word, MS Excel, Lotus Notes and Publisher well and with great expertise. I am proud to have known how to use these applications and even more priviledged for wikieducator.


I work at FODE office under the Education Department of Papua New Guinea as a curriculum writer and now into administrative duties which is away from the actual writing of the distance course materials. The goal of FODE is to write and produce learning materials based on the new outcome based curriculum recently introduced in our education system. The OBE courses should be produced in line with the standard curriculum designed by CDAD(Curriculum Development and Assessment Division also under Education Department.)FODE is affiliated with PNGADE(Papua New Guinea Association of Distance Education). The work I do is mainly on administrative work and try to get course materials and have them in place.Initiatives have been taken by myself to draft and implement the MS Program Operational Policy Guidelines which sets the standard in offering this program. Currently I have not been given any project to do.


The technology will only be helpful to my urban community in Port Moresby where I reside and work but it will not be helpful to my rural village community since computer technology has not reached my district because of lack of services like electricity.