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Du Vivier, Ed[ward F.]

Publisher Year Title
Commonwealth of Learning 2008 (planned) Resource Guide for Establishing and Managing an Open School (Editor & Co-Author)
University College, Galway

Development’s Futures Conference Procedings

2007 'Of the Traditional and the Modern: The impact of historical forms of resistance on the trajectory of development in an independent Namibia'
Dublin Inner City Partnership and Dublin City Council 2008 (in press) Men Alone In No-man’s-land: A study of the needs of socially-excluded males in Dublin Inner City (Co-Author with Tomas de Brun)
Commonwealth of Learning, in conjunction with Wiki-Educator 2007 Costs and Financing in Open Schooling: A self-instructional course
Irish Journal of Anthropology, Vol. 10, no. 1, pp. 48-53 2007 'Husbanding Tradition and Marching towards Modernity: Contrasting forms of resistance among the Ovaherero in Pre-Independence Namibia'
Southern Africa Development Community - Technical Committee for Distance Education, Mbabane 2002 Namibia Country Report, 2001
Namibian College of Open Learning, Windhoek 2000 Manual for Tutors
Namibian College of Open Learning, Windhoek 1999-2001 NAMCOL Statistical Digest for the years 1998-2000 (Author and Editor)
Ministry of Basic Education & Culture, Windhoek, NAMIBIA 1995 Resource Manual for Training Continuing Education Tutors (Co-Author and Editor)
National Adult Literacy Agency, Dublin 1994 New Ideas for Training in Adult Literacy Work (Editor and Co-Author)
Dublin Literacy Scheme, Dublin 1992 Learning to Be Literate: A study of students’ perceptions of the goals and outcomes of adult literacy tuition
Studies in Education (Trinity College, Dublin), Vol. 7, no. 2, pp. 29-40 Autumn 1991 'How Many Illiterates? Towards an estimate of the incidence of reading and writing difficulties among Irish adults'
Convergence (Journal of the International Council for Adult Education), Vol. XX, no. 2, pp.17-19 1987 'Adult Literacy Work in the Republic of Ireland' (Co-Author with Mary Kett)
Comhlámh, Dublin 1987 Ethnic Arts in Education: A resource manual for primary teachers (Editor and Co-Author)