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(Comment.gif: Hi Dr Sebolelo, Greetings! have made good progress in developing your user page. Regards Anil Prasad 13:18, 9 March 2009 (UTC))

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  • Who is Drsf?
    • Dr Sebolelo Francina Molete,
    • also known as Sebo by most close colleagues.
  • Nationality
    • Mosotho
  • Gender
    • Female
  • Marrital status
    • Sprinster
  • Career
    • Teaching at HE, research and community/extension servive

*Current emplyment

    • Lecturer at the National University of Lesotho,

Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Soil Science & Resource Conservation.

Educational Experience

I am a graduate of the Univesrity of the Free State, Bloemfontein in the Republic of South Africa (Ph.D Soil Science), Univesrity of New England, Armidale in New South Wales, Australia (MSc. SOil Science & Agronomy) and the National University of Lesotho, Roma in Lesotho (BSc - Applied Environmental Sciences).

Workshop Expectations

  1. should understand wikieducator
    1. how to use it
    2. what to use it for
    3. when and when not to use it
  2. should be able to open differnt pages of wikieducator
  3. should be able manage my wiki page

Future plans

  • use wikieducator very often to enhance my research and teaching
  • pass the knowledge acquired to my colleuges
  • encourage my stedents to use my web page and the web pages for other experts