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A Tutorial on Realizing Global Citizenship

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Learning Objectives

Rights and Responsibilities, like two sides of a coin, make the citizenship valid and authentic. A citizen is basically a human being and the tendency to focus on Rights is more forceful than the attention given to Responsibilities. Although both are sides of the same coin and hence share same value, each has a different direction and operative dynamics. Rights imply acquisition, possession, consumption and expression, in other words what the citizen expects from the nation/government whereas Responsibilities refer to what is expected of and from the citizen by the nation.

In the light of global developments in every walk of individual and national life it is clear beyond any doubt that humanity is moving towards global identity and hence one has to seek ways of realizing global citizenship without losing national identity. One's national identity should expand to embrace global citizenship. Is it possible and practical?

The learning objectives of this tutorial prepare the ground for and address the seekers of global citizenship. These are a set of questions to be answered for self-appraisal. This leads to greater citizenship-awareness.