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The Concept of Global Citizenship and its Realization

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i) To present a citizen model ii) To provide cultural means for its realization.

Life is a series of unbroken chain of experiences and learning in life is a death-long process. Experience is said to be the best teacher because true learning takes place when an experience is assimilated into the centre of one's consciousness. Assimilation is growing up in and through realization of one's cultural identity and discovering global citizenship at its core.

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Sources and definition of citizen model.

A Constitution, a Flag and an Anthem sum up a nation; these also define its citizen.

The venerable Constitution of the Republic of India , that is Bharat , the tri-colour Flag at whose centre is the Wheel of Dharma , known as the Ashoka Chakra and the composition consisting of the words and music known as the Janaganamana , all these reveal the dynamic characteristics of Indian Cultural Heritage which goes into the Indian mindset of an Indian citizen.

Parents, Teachers and Elders are looked upon as Devas , meaning shining and living models of mature citizen.

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Cultural means and their application.

The Indian Tradition(Parampara) of Seers and Sages(Rshies) has its unique features which maintain its practical system of intergenerational transfer of the cultural means and their applications. These create the necessary environment within and without to practice and perpetuate the Eternal Human Values and their Meanings collectively called Sanatana Dharma. In its main stream are integrated all branches of knowledge and disciplines related to all aspects and domains of Life. Thus there is no room for secular v/s sacred divide.

Parent Family and Teacher Family are considered to be the units of culture in the Indian Tradition which assess and accredit the standards of cultural literacy of its members.

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Gather the relevant material and describe the model.