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My Profile

My name is Dianelly Tillett. I live in the beautiful village of San Lazaro. I am twenty-six year old, and the fifth offspring of a family of seven children. My family consist of my parents and three brothers and sisters, and myself. I am so proud of my family, especially my parents, who work so hard to give their kids the best they can afford.

Professional Background

After completing an associate degree, I enrolled in teaching in the secondary level as a part-time teacher at Orange Walk Technical High. After leaving the teaching profession, I got into being an Administration Assistant at Pebco Belize Ltd. Unfortunately, the Pepsi company had to close and I left to venture into the family teacher. After two years of working in my parents grocery shop I decided to go back to teaching; however this time was in the Primary School Level. I work as a part time teacher under the Roman Catholic management for an year and a half. It is so exciting to deal with kids, thus , I decided to educate myself and so enrolled to earn a bachelor degree in education.


Primary School

One of the most exciting stage of education is the primary school level. Being so innocent and knowing that one can do anything and nothing will happen once is not treble things done. At this point is where I care less for others. Nothing matters at this stage. I felt like God was more by my side or is it that I was used to speak with Him more often.

Secondary Education

The stage of worries. The adolescence stage is where one get so busy taking care of our physic and new changes going through. Our studies become more challenging and worries get through. At this stage, one needs to work on tons of assignments and researches. Things being that have more meaning.

Tertiary Education

Still not independent but with more privileges. At this stage one apply what was learn on previous stages. Worries are more for one thinks more on the financial part and parents are not much involve in it. Nonetheless, there is not many rules to abide with, for instance, there is no demerit system. One of the greatest years of life, though. At this stage, one realize that worries is like a rocking chair, it goes on but takes you no where.

My Interests

The following are my interest in life
  1. Completing my bachelor degree
  2. Complete a degree in Spanish Education
  3. Teach both in the primary and secondary level
  4. Having a family of my own


I have taught for proximately one year being a part-time teacher on several occasions.
  • Orange Walk Technical High School
  • St. John Vianney R C School
  • San Lazaro R C School
  • St. Edmund R C School

I enjoyed every single minute of my time with kids. Thank God for granting me those opportunities of happiness.


I am a shy person and do not like to share personal situations with other persons.



My Projects

This is the cake that I made.

cake done by Dianelly



My Sandbox

Home Page
Student Page
Mission Statement
Faculty Page

My Reflection

It is so wonderful to learn new things. Before I enrolled in this course I did not imagine the amount of information I was going to get. Now, I feel more confident to go in a classroom and prepare marvelous lessons for the students. I had a great time learning.

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