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Contact-new.svg Andrew Wallace
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Employer:Otago Polytechnic + Bodystance Limited
Occupation:Design Educator + Design Director
Other roles:Volunteer Medical Mondial NZ
Nationality:New Zealand
Country:New Zealand

My Profile

Professional Background

Winner of a German Product Excellence Award 2015 with special mention for the design of the Backpod® by Bodystance®. Winner of a German Red Dot design Award 2013 with honourable mention for the Backpod® by Bodystance®.

New Zealand Industrial Designer with 21 years industry experience in product design, injection moulding, composite moulding and fabrication knowledge. Current practice is looking at sustainability within society, behavioral change and educational practice around technology in society.


Design Education, Human centred design, Creative thinking, Strategic Design, Design futures. Industrial Design, Polymer Engineering (Plastics), Process Manufacturing.

My Interests


Design Education, Passive energy technology, Human powered vehicles including bicycles, Low cost health solutions, Design for the elderly.



My Projects

New Scientists PH1- Primary school teaching kit that allows children to learn how to make a Turbine from E-Waste. The 4 files included were developed for use by both children ( 5 years - 12 years ) and also their teachers. The goal of the project is to allow for PHYSICS - ( The Physical World ) to be taught in an interesting and interactive way through physical models that flash and spin. The kit was also designed to use material resources that can hopefully be sourced for free.





New Scientists PH2.0 - Primary school teaching kit that allows children to learn how to make a Water Wheel. The 5 files included were developed for use by children ( 5 years - 8 years ) and also their teachers. This project introduces the concept of ENERGY to be communicated through experimentation. The kit made from 3.0mm thick MDF wood could be made out of cardboard, soft plastic sheet and includes 2 x Toolkit files to make a stand and 2 types of water wheels.






My Sandbox

Question: What subjects do I take next year ? How do I know the subjects I choose will help me where I want to work ?

No Major Drama [1] Learn about NZ university majors and rank them based on your skills and interests.

My Reflection

Feedback & Notes from my WikiNeighbours

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