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My name is Denise Gaspard-Richards.
This picture was taken about three years ago

I am located in sunny Trinidad and Tobago, a twin island republic in the Caribbean. At present I am a Programme Officer attached to the University of the West Indies Distance Education Centre (UWIDEC). At present, I am preparing for defense of my doctoral thesis in Social Policy. The dissertation topic is "Male Reproductive Behaviour and Fatherhood in Trinidad and Tobago". I expect the defense to take place by April 2008.

My Interests

  • I am particularly intersted in research conducted in the developing world on social policy initiatives in the area of fatherhood and male fertility. Anyone willing to share information, website links or study findings in these areas would be quite welcome.

Website, chat and contact particulars

Vist the UWIDEC website for more information on the organization. We are very proud of our accomplishments! UWIDEC website

You can also visit the website for the University of the West Indies at the St. Augustine Campus where the UWIDEC office and teleconference facility is located.UWI St Augustine website

I also use a Hotmail account for chat. You can contact me at

Web Resources of Interest

Here is a link that I have found to be quite useful in the past. There are some really good articles at this site that may be useful when developing content. Most articles are full-text and free!

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Here are some examples of readings on health care: