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I think as long as I use the rich text editor I will have no problems with formatting... it seems to be very similar to a word processor.  We shall see.

Here is what I can do...

  • bold


  • underline
  • bold, italicize and underline

if I make a mistake I can strike out

I can create a heading

I can make numbered lists

  1. day 1 I learned what a wiki was
  2. day 2 I added content to my home page and contributed to a discussion
  3. day 3 I checked out some wiki's and learned a little more about WikiEducator

... and here I am at day 4

I will try to add a table

my trial table
open authoring wiki listserv
collaboration individuals in sequence
organized, searchable distributed comments

If I need a special character I can choose from the list--  @

Here is a link to a page I worked on

More later....

Here is my practice establishing links.

I can type in the URL  and it becomes an active link.

Resources for curriculum development and review in community colleges ... now to see if it works...

It does!!! 

Learning4Content tryout   Learning4Content

My home page

Here is an interwiki try


Now to try out uploading an image...

message pad

  and now one from the creative commons

 Sum of all smiles 

Now some practice manipulating images

My first thumbnail