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Contact-new.svg DAVID
Occupation:LECTURER "Nautical"
Other roles:Member of the COL
Nationality:SAMOA enaena
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My objective in Wikieducator

  • to learn and practise wikiskills and tools
  • to be able to share information with other wiki educators around the globe.
  • to be able to build open education online with other wiki & editing.etc...


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Greetings from Samoa. My name is David Asi im just a nautical instructor by profession and I am in the middle of a Wikieducator training workshop here in Samoa.There is so much to write about myself and from our little corner of the world."Samoa" is normally called the heart of the Pacific, meaning our people, culture, traditions and beliefs based on many true aspects from our ansestors, so for more information. Pls Visit: [[1]]

My Profile

  • Nautical Lecturer Maritime School
  • Music Composer
    • Samoan music
  • Diving Operations instructor
  • Proficiency in Survival Crafts course co-ordinator

My Interests

I'm interested in:

  1. Teaching Adults learners
  2. Indoor games
    • table tennis
    • swimming
  3. Diving Operations
  4. Spending time with my precious family

My Favourite Websites

='Other Links'=