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Hobbies and Interests

My hobbies and interests fall itno the following categories:

  1. sports: cricket, football and tennis
  2. reading
  3. travelling
  4. movies

Recent Diversions

This is a collection of some of the finest movies that have been viewed by me over the last few months.

Other than putting my feet up, grabbing the TV remote and letting present time and concerns slip out of my mind and allow myself to be transported to other places, into other lives and issues. At other times I just laze about as I have been doing today -

The Total Package

It is warm and sunny - a typical brilliantly bright Caribbean [1]day. It is a day to spend on the beach and there are so many around. In fact, on this island the next beach is just beyond your window. Shady palm trees, torquoise blue water, and the rolling waves are integral to the perfect getaway package. The total thing is here.

I am in Grenada. Indeed a true paradise. Tourism [2] is a major industry here

This is the Life