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Daniel Ernesto Esparza Padilla

My name is Daniel Ernesto Esparza Padilla. I am from Cosío, and I am 20 years old. I consider myself a friendly and honest person, but something that I cannot stand is bipolar people, for instance, people who are trying to control other people for their own convenience. In addition, I really enjoy doing exercise in my free time and also I like to play the guitar. Actually I have a versatile band where I can play any kind of music since rock to “norteño” and that makes me feel very comfortable. On the other hand, I do not like “duranguense” music because is so boring. In addition, I can say that I have a lot of dreams to accomplish. One of them is to be a good English language teacher. The second one is that I would like to teach in kindergartens, elementary schools, high schools, and finally in universities. And finally the third one is to get my masters degree in another country, for example, I was thinking to do it in London because I like how the weather looks like over there, and also because of the amazing means of transport. To conclude, I consider myself a responsible and dynamic teacher.

My educational philosophy

My educational philosophy in the English language classroom is firstly that I think that using interesting and visual material can help students to understand and learn specific vocabulary. In my classes I usually implement didactic material and ICT to represent vocabulary and exercises that students must complete. I think that the best method I am instructed with is TPR because I always use mimics, movements, and hand gestures in order for students to learn the meaning of something significantly without having to translate it in the L1. In addition, I teach explicit grammar when students are adults, and I teach implicit grammar for only kids or teenagers. Additionally, I promote competencies inside the classroom in order for students to try to do something using all the knowledge they already got in the input stage in a class.

My three-paragraph essay

What kind of strategies can be necessary to apply in order to make students feel confidence to speak more the second language? First of all, in order to analyze this question, it is necessary to decide what kind of needs students have. In addition, it is recommendable to take into consideration the teacher’s proficiency in the classroom for understanding if the input that teachers are giving is good or bad. These points make reference to the problem that says that English teachers do not use the necessary teaching strategies to make young students to feel confidence when speaking in the classroom. However, the use of practical teaching strategies promote students’ motivation when students try to speak the second language.

Most of the students have no intention of communicating in English, nor they feel the need to do so during the English class. However, the aplication of a meaningful strategy changes that point that according to Zhang (2007), “a systematic technique employed by a speaker to express his meaning when faced with some difficulty” (p. 44). For instance, students get motivation to speak through the use of an interesting activity that the teacher probably applies. In addition, another important strategy that the English teacher might use is the one that according to MacGrath (2005), the action of giving the students a problem or situation to focus on in groups, students will practice articulation and verbal exchanges that often help them to concentrate better (p. 34). In contrast, the problem might be bigger when there is no sense from the students to participate. This could happen because perhaps they do not know anything―or perhaps a little―about the language itself, so for this reason teachers need to be conscious about students’ level and to encourage them to speak easy vocabulary first.

To sum up, the use of correct teaching strategies might be useful to keep students motivation when speaking inside the classroom; teachers need to take into consideration the next situations: students’ level, the type of activities teachers use, and finally the strategies that they promote in order for students to speak in the second language. For that reason young learners need to develop their speaking skills as well as the other three (listening, writing, and reading) in order to be proficient as English language learners.


MacGrath, M., (2005). Beyond behavior management: manage or motivate?, 19 (1), 57-64 Review APA.

Zhang, Y., (2007). Communication Strategies and Foreign Language Learning, 5 (4), 43-48. Review APA.

Professional background

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My interests

Action Plan


English language learners of elementary school talk too much during the practice section of a class. First, students are most of the time full of energy, so they are only moving from side to side in the classroom. Second, students are just talking and talking when the teacher is giving the class. And finally, they get distracted easily when there is a visitor in the classroom. Therefore, I will implement kinesthetic activities like role plays and songs in the classroom in order for students to learn the English language through something they like.

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