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(Comment.gif: Dear Cyril, I have been part of TVET for many years, also in the Caribbean and are now working in the area of elearning and ICTs. Very exciting as you can see through the WikiEducator project. Glad you are part of this training. Looking forward to seeing your contributions in TVET to WikiEducator for your country. you could start a TVET Grenada Wiki page?! How about it? Warm regards --Patricia 23:14, 26 February 2009 (UTC))

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My name is Cyril Joseph. I am involved in the supervision of Technical Education in secondary schools. My goals are to promote TVET among students, teachers, policy makers, and the general public, by creating an awareness of the importance of the subject, showing the relationship between secondary schools and industry, creating greater workforce relevance in the delivery of the subject in secondary schools and promoting TVET as the avenue for greater productivity which would ultimately result in enhanced economic growth and development.

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