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Contact-new.svg Francoise Mukuku
Employer:Oxfam UK
Occupation:communication and information officer
Other roles:radio producer,ICT trainer
Country:Democratic Republic of Congo
at email
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About Me

Hi guys, I’m Francoise Mukuku Mwamba Malale, i’m from Democratic Republic of Congo(former zaïre). I’m living in the capital city,Kinshasa. I’ve been a media professional for 8 years, i worked with several radios the last being Radio Okapi ( since the october 1sti’m in charge of communication and information for a aid agency; a part from that i have another life ; I’ve been for the last 10 years a women rights activist. I’m the national coordinator of a young feminist group named Si Jeunesse Savait, I’m the deputy chief of the national network for the promotion of ICT in Congo ( and a member of APC women network. I’m preparing the launch of the 1st portal dedicated to Congolese women, which will also be the first Congolese online radio.


My Interests

I am interested in technology link to development specially to women rights, blogs, online radio, anything link to alternative media.

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