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this is a photo of a young black African woman who have had some luxurious life. A village woman will look much older and stressed than this as her life is full of challenges


I am a Tanzanian married woman with one dear son. I work at Dar es Salaam University College of Education as an assistant lecturer. I have a

  1. Master degree in education,
  2. BA in education and
  3. Diploma in education as well.

Current Status

Currently I am involved in a research on the management of quality assurance and quality control mechanisms in secondary education particularly during the implementation of the first phase of Secondary 'Education' Development Plan (SEDP).


My hobbies include

  • cooking,
  • reading for leisure,
  • watching movies and
  • gardening when I can afford to have time for them.

My Useful Links

Hassan user page [1] [2]