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Welcome to Carole's Sandbox!

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In here you will be able to find out a little more about my plans for building a step into an elearning journey resource for the wikieducator. Here is an outline of the journey program so far. Program Outline PDF

The model for the resource is based on the Appreciative Inquiry model for making effective change. The AI model consists of four components:

  • discovery
  • dream
  • design
  • destiny

I am keeping a special blog page for entries about this designed program called stepping into an elearning journey.

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Web Resources

Designing Elearning

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Tell us a story

about designing elearning

--CoachCarole 10:36, 30 May 2008 (UTC)


Section 1: Discovery

Activities include:

Introductory Seminar: taking your first step

e-Mentoring: maintaining the momentum after this event – acknowledge those who have reflected, built a page, contributed ideas – encourage the preparation for the first workshop

Workshop 1: preparing your itinerary

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Case Study
your itinerary

e-Mentoring: weekly discussions about the AI Model, Designing Elearning and Innovation attributes; preparation for participation in one or more of the e-Events e-exemplars

Section 2: Dream

Workshop 3: celebrating the milestones

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your milestones

Section 3: Design

Individual Project Seminar: preparing your own elearning plan

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Case Study
your elearning plan

Section 4: Destiny

Workshop 4: showcasing your elearning plans

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your plans