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My Profile Professional Background I am == Carlos Itzab == I had been teaching for the past 16years and now am presently pursuing my ''Bachelor's Degree in Primary Education'. I am on my last semester. This coming January I will be going on for the last phase, Internship or EDUC 452.

Carlos Itzab

. I was born on 4th November, 1972 in Corozal District. Since birth I resided in Xaibe Village, Corozal District until I found my significant other and moved to San Antonio Village, Corozal District.. I am the second of four children of Victoriano and Marciana Itzab nee Bey. My parents are both mestizo however, they descend from a mixture of ethnic groups. I take pride in identifying myself as a mestizo, however I regret not having learn my great grandparents language, Maya. My hobbies are traveling, sports, listening to romantic Latin music, and operating heavy equipment. My primary school education started at Ranchito Government School, at Ranchito Village, Corozal. My parents had this idea that the school was better than the one from our village. However, I attended this institution until Std I. I was then transferred to Mary Hill R.C. School, in San Andres Village, Corozal, because of its performance in examinations. It was at this institution that I completed my primary school education. Even though it was difficult sometimes to go for lunch I had a set mind that I wanted to be someone different from my dad. From an early age I had an aspiration to be someone different from my dad, not because he came out from Std III, but because I saw how hard he worked to maintain us and provide us with the necessary and basic components of life. He always mentions, that he drop out of primary school at standard three. Many times we inquire from him if he regrets his decision made then; however, he never admits he is sorry. That is what encouraged me to finish primary school. I must admit that I hardly saw my dad during the day because he was busy working. I use to help in the cane farming on weekends, as well however, the work was arduous. So the completion of primary school marks the first stage of my personal achievements. This was done at Mary Hill R.C. in 1986, and was granted a government scholarship for high performance from the BNSE to attend high school. This I hold until I graduated from high school. I decided to attend Corozal Community College among the two other high schools primarily because it was closer from home and for my mom it was the best college at the time. I travelled from Xaibe to San Andres by bicycle, since it was only about ten minutes riding. During the four years of college I participated in various sporting activities where we won and I felt proud. However, these four years of college finally came to an end on graduation day in 1990. As soon as I graduated from high school I was managed to be earn a space at the Belize Teacher’s College where I started my career as a teacher. A retired teacher, Mr. Gaspar Ken, encouraged and helped me get into Teacher’s College. This was the first year of level one, a pilot program. This program was for one year and one term internship. At the time the government of Belize provided a stipend to students, it was good since it assisted in paying the boarding. While at the college I was given practical exercise which assisted in preparation for the internship. At the end, upon graduation I obtained a Level I Certificate in Teaching. I continued my teaching practice however, as a teacher I felt obliged to qualify myself as a fully trained teacher, so in 1994 when the level two program was introduced in order to complete the first phase, I returned and did my Level 2 training. That was a great achievement for me. Level II teaching Certificate at the Belize Teacher’s College prepared me more with training and how to deal situation in the class room As time pressed on, I felt determined to enhance my educational status as a professional. Fortunately, I applied and got a scholarship from the Ministry of Education. I am proudly pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree in Primary Education at the University of Belize. Presently I am in the teaching profession for sixteen years. During my years of experience I have taught at five of the six government schools in the Corozal District. My first year teaching in government school was at Chan Chen government school, multi-grade, in the middle division having Std II and III , The following year I was transferred to Paraiso Government School where I taught in Std I. From there I was transferred to Ranchito Government School where I taught in Std I. At San Pedro Government School I did multigrade teaching, teaching Std II and III. I was once moved and transferred to San Antonio Government School where I once again did multi-grade teaching having Std IV, V, and VI. However, most of my years were done at Paraiso Government School. There I taught mostly in the upper division and was also assigned the vice principal post for and year then as administrative principal. I find great pleasure in teaching. My goal in life is to become an administrative principal. I wish to obtain my doctorate degree in administration in order to make the right decisions as an administrator. I love teaching, but better yet I wish to become an educator that will do his very best to better our educational system in our country. Education is an asset to a country in-transition. As I reflect on my past, I must accept that there are few things I regret not doing. But life goes on and I belief with dedication and determination all is possible. I believe life is what you make it! God will help those who help themselves. Things won’t get better if we just sit and hope, my dad is a clear example of this, and everything is possible on this Earth.

==Education== I believe that education is the backbone to life. If there is any investment that one should do is on one's own or your children education. We must also realize that education does occur in and out of the classroom.

My Interests

  1. one I am really interested in completing my Bachelor's in Primary Ed.program
  2. two teaching
  3. three doing exercise
  4. four going for vacation
  5. five practicing the skills learnt in Technology class
  6. engage in playing football


As a professional teacher am cognizant that there must be changes in the educational system. However, if one doesn't face these changes and try to make the difference then it is futile to have an idea  of improving the education.   The aptitude is what  motivates the teacher to enhance him/herself in order to maximize the output in the classroom. 




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University of Belize

My Projects

My personal projects include from completion of my house which was damaged by hurricane Dean. It may be a little delayed since am going for internship in January 2010. However am determined therefore I will ensure that I complete it.

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