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Here are 2 photos from our first morning's work at the course. Wshop1.jpgW'shop2.jpg

Ulimasao Marist Centre

Savaii, Samoa

We offer the following courses

  1. Carpentry
  2. Metalwork
    • this includes plumbing, small engine maintenance, welding and general metalwork
  3. Tourism & Hospitality
  4. Agriculture
  5. Accounting
  6. Art and Carving

This is in addition to the core course, which includes

  • Computer studies
  • English
  • Samoan
  • Mathematics
  • Religious education
  • Music and Physical education

Computer Studies

This course has students learn basic operation of computers, with an understanding of how they work. Students learn to:

  • Start and close down the computer
  • open and close programmes, and save their documents
  • Carry out word processing operations like formatting text, inserting tables, pictures, charts and clip art
  • Process photos using IrfanView - crop, change brightness and contrast, compress for Internet publication

Some more photos shows our group hard at work, after connectivity problems greatly hampered our access to the Internet for much of the afternoon. The course members are to be admired for their persistence in trying to upload material!



Another photo

Work even for the leader

Exploring photo manipulation

Here is a thumbnail of that pic

Our leader has to work!


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