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Smiling Justin Chisenga
Wikieducator is Fun!

Learning how to work in WikiEducator can be fun and sometimes intimidating. Fun in the sense it looks very easy if ones uses the Rich Text Editor which gives you WYSIWYG  and intimidating if one looks at the formatting codes that are inserted in pages if the editor is disabled. However, having designed website at one point using plain HTML codes, I am sure that I will soon learn all the codes in WikiEducator and get along well. Personally, I prefer coding (Rich text editor disabled) for the following reasons:

  • It makes me feel that I am in control
  • It makes me feel like I am an expert!

External Links

It looks like working with URLs can be easy in WikiEducators. Just type the raw URL and it will be recongnized? This is wonderful. Here are the examples below:

Wait a minute. I have just read that I can also use the Rich Text Editor to add external links. Let me see how this works using the examples above

This is great! I am off to my User Page to make some improvements before the excitment dies down.

Internal Links

After the excitment with external links, I am back again. this time to explore Internal Links. Let us see how things will go. Well, things seem not to go well at the moment. The Automatic Search for Learning4Content took too long and nothing was coming up. Let me investigate further.

Finally it worked. This was after several attempts. At one point I created a link that was opening into the Rich Text editor. Exciting stuff. Life continues.

New Pages

This one has been fun. I have created a new page - My Publications - and added a selection of my papers and articles, some of which are available online.

Interwiki Link

This one will be the last activity for today. How does it go? well, how about the following.

My favourite articles in Wikipedia are:

I also love quotations by/from found in Wikiquote:



I am back again. This time to see what I can do with images. I hope that all will go well. Below are my first images in this session. The image of the Bakweri cocoyam farmer from Cameroon is from Wikimedia Commons. It was initially put in a frame but becuase it is large, the display did not look good. So I removed the frame and just had it aligned to the right. 

Message pad.jpg

Cocoyam Farmer from Cameroon


This is my first thumbnail