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Edited Books

  1. The Use of ICTs in African Public Library Services. Oxford: International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications, 2004. - PDF

Chapters in Books

  1. The e-Agriculture initiative: achieving the MDGs through sharing of innovative experiences. In: Njobvu, Benson & Koopamn, Sjoerd (eds). Libraries and information services: towards the attainment of the UN Millennium Development Goals. Munchen: K. G. Saur Verlag, 2008. pp.57-71. (IFLA Publications 134).
  2. Management of agricultural research information and knowledge: a case for the SCECSAL region. In: Mcharazo, Alli & Koopamn, Sjoerd (eds). Librarianship as a bridge to an information and knowledge society Africa. Munchen: K. G. Saur, 2007. pp.83-95. (IFLA Publications 124).
  3. Global information infrastructure and the question of African content”. In. Ershova, Tatiana V. and Hohlov, Yuri E. (eds) Libraries in the Information Society. Muchen: IFLA, 2002. pp.56-66. (IFLA Publications 102).

Journal Articles

  1. Guidelines for developing agricultural information portals in the Southern African Development Community Region (SADC). South African Journal of Information Management, vol. 7(1), March 2005. - PDF
  2. Content on agricultural research organizations' Web sites: a study of international trends. Libri, vol. 54, pp.123-135. (2004). - (PDF)
  3. FAO’s capacity building initiatives in accessing, documenting, communicating and managing agricultural information. IAALD Quarterly Bulletin, vol. LI, no. 3/4, 2006. pp. 170-176 (Co-author).
  4. Impact of ICT-based distance learning: the African story. The Electronic Library, vol. 21, no. 5, pp. 476-486. (2003) – (Co-author) - Abstract
  5. Global Information and libraries in sub-Saharan Africa. Library Management, vol. 21, no. 4, 2000, pp. 178-187
  6. A Study of the use of the Internet among library professionals in Sub-Saharan Africa. Internet Reference Services Quarterly (IRSQ), vol.4, no,1, pp.37-50. (1999)
  7. Y2K and library systems. Multimedia Information & Technology, vol. 25, no. 1. February, pp.59-66 (1999)

Conference Papers

  1. Impact of globalization on the information needs of farmers in Ghana: a case study of small-scale poultry farmers. [Paper prepared for the World Library and Information Congress: 73rd IFLA General Conference and Council, Durban, South Africa, 19-23 August 2007] (Co-autho) - PDF
  2. Development and use of institutional repositories and open access archives for research and national development in Africa: opportunities and challenges. [Paper presented at the WSIS Follow-up Conference on Access to Information and Knowledge for Development, United Nations Conference Centre, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, March 27 – 30, 2006].
  3. Facing the digital divide: ensuring access to digital information in Sub-Saharan Africa [Presented at the Library and Information Association of South Africa Conference on "African Renaissance Through Libraries", Caesar's Gauteng Conference Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa, September 2001]