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About Myself

I am a teacher in The Shri Ram School TSRS school and I teach Biology in middle school. I joined The Shri Ram School in 2005.

Educational Qualifications

I did my post graduation in Zoology from Ballygunge Science College in Calcutta University in 1997 and completed my B.Ed in 1999.

Teaching Methodologies

I do not believe in the conventional lecture method as a good methodology to teach Biology in Schools. I believe in involving the students in class through a lot of activities, quizzes and practical classes during class room teaching. These methods enable me to retain the interest of the students.

For example, The class Seven students were introduced to Cell and cell organelles for the first time. To make them familiar with this new topic, we had made them do a hands on project on making models of cells in class. Some interesting models of cells were:

  • A group of children had baked a cake. The cake was the cell and candies, gems were used to make the cell organelles.
  • Another group had used thermocol, clay and wool to make the cell organelles.
  • One enterprising group had used a Football to make the nucleus of the cell.

We then rounded up the entire cell chapter by showing the children a power point of the cell in which the cell was compared to a factory and we also made them make slides of their cheek cells in the Laboratory.

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